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Audio Guest Book

what is the Vintage audio guest book phone?

    We know that many couples want to have a vintage phone at their wedding so that guests can leave messages “in the moment”.You can get that with ZANOGIrecord. But you get so much more…,The “Vintage Audio Guest Book Phone” is a retro telephone that records messages. It’s perfect for weddings, parties, or memorials. Guests can leave messages by picking up, recording after the beep, and hanging up. It’s fun and easy! Plus, you can still use it as a regular phone after recording messages.

In 3 easy steps, Leaves Your Message

Retro Audio Guest Book Message Operation Process ( Video)

Note:Messages are saved and stored in the phone until they are transferred by you or your vendor to a computer and then turned into your keepsake.

How does the Audio guest book work?


What are the power supply methods for vintage telephone recording devices? There are commonly four methods: batteries, power banks, plug-in, and solar power.

1、Battery power

Requires 3 pieces of 5A batteries installed into the bottom slot.

2、USB Power

Power the recorder by connecting it to the power bank via USB power cable.

How do you get audio from GUEST BOOK Phone?

TF card slot for storage: Inside the vintage telephone answering machine, there’s a built-in TF card that stores customer messages. The card comes in different capacities like 8GB or 16GB. By using the provided data cable to connect to a computer, you can view each message file in an additional drive, where the files are in audio format. You can play or delete them as needed.

Our Top FAQs

  1. The power supply method might be incorrect; directly connecting to a wall charger via USB may result in unstable voltage. It’s recommended to power it using a USB cable connected to a power bank.

  2. If the batteries are depleted, it may cause the device to fail to turn on or function properly. Try replacing them with new batteries.

  3. Message storage issues could be related to problems with the storage card, which might prevent correct message storage or retrieval. It may be necessary to replace or repair the storage card slot or reinsert the card.

Here are more than 10 styles of vintage telephone recording machines in our factory.

There’s ample space for audio recordings on our telephone guestbooks—approximately 20 hours’ worth! Moreover, the battery life extends to around 50 hours.

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