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No Closing Circle 360 Photo Booth Enclosure With Led Light


Opening 260cm (102inch)
height 100cm (39.4inch)
As long as the following 2 pieces

LED Lights are ordered separately
order different quantities according to your needs

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If you have a 360 degree spinner then the 360 Enclosure is an excellent enhancement to bring your displays to colorful life. The new style 360 Enclosure is a unique enclosure that will catapult your 360 rental business to the next level.

The No Closing Circle 360 Photo Booth Enclosure With Led Light is the best way to create that 360 green screen which will create that unique experience for everyone in your event, leaving them with the captivating experience that will linger till the end of time.


Height: 3.28 ft

Diameter: 8.53 ft

Lighting: 6 tube LEDs, 3 per side

Graphics: Customizable

Setup: Easy

Warranty: 1 Year


Logo requirements: NOTE: your graphics must be High Resolution, and you need to send logo ASAP to avoid production delays.

RGB Light Pcs

6pcs, no




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