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Circular Green Screen 360 Photo Booth Enclosure


10ft Diax   8.3ft Height,door:3ft

No RGB LED,If you require custom sizes, those can also be accommodated. The pricing for custom sizes will be calculated based on the specific dimensions.If you want RGB lights, please contact us.

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This Circular Green Screen 360 Photo Booth Enclosure is designed as a complete circle with a 90cm wide door curtain in the front. By default, the customization does not include the upper circular dome, but the circular shape can be customized. The interior is a green screen, while the exterior is made of black fabric. Logo and designs can also be customized. If you wish to customize designs, please contact our online customer service after placing the order.

32mm aluminum alloy tube bracket
Thermal transfer stretch cloth screen, remote control,wire, plug

10ft Diax   8.3ft Height,door:3ft


Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 78 × 32 × 50 cm


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